A sample of some of our work

Hearing Healthcare Clinic - This magnet calendar is created every year for Brampton Audiology. It has been a great way to stay connected to patients during the long time period between appointments which can span up to a year or more. These magnets have been a big success and are commonly requested every fall before print. Staying in touch with marketing materials that reflect their high level of service and dedication can make a difference in positive outcomes for the patient.

We create a calendar magnet annually for patients of Brampton Audiology. This has become a well-known and often requested promotional item.

Promotional Calendar Magnet

Pruvit - Keto Kreme - A mailer was put together for Debbie Delmedico of Pruvit. The mailer was to be used at promotional events and functions as a way to establish a connection with potential clients who may become interested in the product in the future. It was agreed that we would take a light-hearted, humorous approach to this promotional piece in order to separate ourselves from the pack and to be memorable. Taking the goals into account, we decided that this dairy replacement would be positioned to free the cows from their heavy milk-making schedule.

Promotional mailer

Urban Relics (Furniture Restoration) - The first website was established to create the brand and look of this furniture refinishing business. The website housed their previous designs and serves as a foundation for future furniture repurposing images. We wanted to create a website that reflected their high creativity and in doing so, chose to have the website rich with colour.


Brampton Audiology - We redesign the Brampton Audiology website on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is in compliance with the best practices for enhanced search engine optimization outlined by Google. The website is mobile compliant, and we continue to add content on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are able to hit KPI's (key performance indicator) of this outstanding hearing healthcare clinic. Our goal is to reflect the compassionate, professional environment that is part of this audiology practice. We ensure that the marketing materials reflect their high standard of care.


Brampton Audiology - The pocket folder was created to house all marketing materials for marketing internally and externally. We carried the branding and colour scheme throughout to ensure that the look was cohesive and easily recognizable as Brampton Audiology.

Pocket Folder

Sandy Hopkinson / Century 21 - We create ongoing infographics and other content on an ongoing basis to generate interest in the real estate industry and to set Sandy Hopkinson apart in the competitive real estate world. We want to reflect Sandy's dedication to her clients and the holistic view that she takes in finding or selling their perfect home. We concentrate on all aspects of real estate on social media, and use it as a platform to share everything from industry knowledge, to setting up your perfect home. We ensure Sandy's down to earth, professional, knowledgeable approach comes through with her brand positioning online.

Social Media Pinterest

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